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Daily Astrologer Explorer analyzes every moment with charts, vital predictions
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For all the traditional person looking out for a personal calendar, which is popularly known as “Panchaang”, the Daily Astrologer Explorer presents an excellent option featuring detailed analysis of every moment. It comprises of comprehensive charts, and vital predictions, under various Kundali styles right from south Indian, north Indian, down to east Indian styles, and analyses auspicious and inauspicious timings for various occasions for an individual user.

The application incorporates the predictive analysis for all the elements of the panchaang, based on the Vedic astrology and tells the user specifically why and what a particular moment is auspicious or inauspicious for. It also includes Yoga Analysis, providing the user with in-sights of the Panchaang yogas that are formed. It also tells the user when exactly are the important yogas such as Panchak and Siddhi, formed.

What’s more, it also provides the user with birth chart, and the transit or the progressed chart for personal horoscope, allowing the user to analyze any moment, and unlike the printed Panchaangs, the data for Daily Astrology pertains to the selected moment rather than just for the concerned morning. The application features a Point and click interface, making it simple and easy-to-use.

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  • Predictions pertain to the selected moment rather than just for the concerned morning


  • It gives chart for analysis, but doesn’t perform the desired analysis on it
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